Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moon Joggers and Goals

I read a lot about running. It is how I stay motivated. I also am a member of a number of facebook groups dedicated to various aspects of running. And one group that kept popping up on my radar was Moon Joggers.

Apparently, Moon Joggers started out with 2 girls who wanted to be accountable to themselves and one another in their running goals, and who challenged one another to run 1000 miles each in 365 days. Long story short, their plan morphed from there... and they wanted to get 238 people to each commit to just over 1000 miles each, for a total distance of 238,837 miles...

In other words, the distance from earth to the moon.

And their idea spread like wildfire. And they soon realized that they had enough people committed to run a total distance of THREE round trips to the moon and back.

That's HUGE! And it quickly became a new goal.

On May 23, 2013, they made their first landing on the moon. But participation has waned a little bit. And I realized I am logging miles all the time anyway, it takes next to nothing on my part to join them, and perhaps it might hold me a little more accountable...

So of course I've joined them. And because I track my mileage religiously, I was able to back-track to the first of the year to help contribute to the goal. So far this year I have contributed 190 miles toward this goal.

Which brings me to my own goals...

If you remember back in January, when I first started setting goals for the year, I said I would like to run a total of 371 miles in the year.

With it being the end of June, and at the halfway mark for the year, I am happy to realize that I am on track with this goal and just over 50% there.

But I've also realized that I set the goal a little too low.

Because I chose a 371 mile goal before I decided that I wanted to train for a full marathon.

And that was also before I got this wild idea to run 6 half marathons in 6 days.

Now, I do a little math (you'd never know from this blog and the way I crank out numbers in my posts that I actually passionately despise math), and I realize that with the mileage from the new training plan for the 6 half series, and the 78.6 miles from the series itself... YIKES!

I am on track to finish the month of September with 300 miles MORE than my 2013 goal...

If I'm around 670 miles at the end of September, I could totally hit 1000 miles by the end of 2013. I don't dare turn that into an Official Goal yet, but just something to think about. And it kind of makes my head spin.

That's like the distance between Boston and the Georgia State Line!

I am out of town this weekend taking little Tommy Mills on the trip of his dreams with the Superman Walks Project, but when I return exhausted, I start in on training week 4 with a target of 40 miles.

Hope that first point one doesn't get me.


  1. 1000 miles makes my head spin too! I think it's awesome and I'm enjoying watching your journey!

  2. Awesome! I know you can do it!

  3. I know you said you don't want to make it a goal, but I am reading between the lines and I think you already have made 1000 miles your goal:) At least your subconcious knows it, the rest of you will catch on later, LOL
    I love it, I think your awesome, and I am already going to tell ya I am cheering you on for whatever awesome goals you decide!