Friday, March 22, 2013

2012 Recap and Resolution (of sorts)

As we all know, I started 2012 as a couch potato, and quickly found myself motivated to start running.

I stayed active with weight watchers online. I tracked my runs on runkeeper, and I finished a number of 5K races.

I finished the year strong. While I didn't manage to lose more than about 10 lbs (bringing my total lost from June 2011 to approximately 25lbs). 8lbs in a year when I am trying hard to lose weight is a bit of a let down, but my clothes make it look like I've lost WAY more than that.

photo circa June 2011. Me +25Lbs
Photo circa November 2012

I still have a long way to go, BUT... I did manage to drop from a snug 16 to a snug 12. I started 2013 with the goal of fitting comfortably into a pair of shorts that I bought right after Ray and I married in 2007, however I didn't want to try them on for fear of failure.

More impressive though, I managed to track a total mileage of 271 miles in 2012. I also completed 5 5K races, including the Walk/Run for Wishes 5k, Expedition Everest 5K, The Glow Run 5K, Warrior Dash 5K, and Run For your Lives: Zombie Infested 5K.

I also somehow was able to finish the Galloway training program to get me prepared for my first half marathon, and had brought my total mileage up to 14 miles on Christmas Eve Morning (I pulled a groin muscle during that training run and it would bother me for over a month afterward, but I still managed to complete a 14 mile training run, which was something I NEVER believed I would be able to do).

I hesitate to make resolutions, because I can never follow through and then they just wind up being a source of self-loathing and guilt. So instead, I set goals.

And this year, my goal has to do with running. If I was able to log 271 miles in 2012, that translates to roughly 5.25 miles per week. Logically, my mind said that I was only able to log that 271 miles because I was training for a half marathon, so this year, if i am not training for a half marathon, it might be difficult to get that mileage in.... particularly if the summer can be so brutal on my asthma.

But a goal is about challenging the self, right? If I increase my weekly mileage to 6 miles per week, that would be 312 miles in 2013. that seems like a reasonable goal, right? I don't know if I can make that mileage, but its worth a shot, and perhaps it will keep me motivated.


  1. Great Job ! Congrats on the accomplishments.

    1. thanks. I've still got a long way to go, but it's progress in the right direction. Hopefully will get caught up to date to present day life soon too. only have about a dozen blog posts to get to that point still. :) please stay tuned.

  2. I am proud of you! You look great! I would love to find something I love, which I sort of already (dancing around my house to my headphones). I would also like to join a gym and do the station bikes and treadmills and eventually start to cycle or run myself. I am so glad you found something that is healthy and something you love to do.

  3. lol Kelsey. Nobody ever said I loved to run. hah! actually quite the opposite. I hate the running. I hate the sweating. I hate the totality of things that happen when i tie my laces and go out the door.

    what I love is the production of dopamine that running causes. and the feeling of accomplishment as I bask in the anti-depressent nature of the aftermath of running. that's what I really love.