Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm a slacker

I've run into a slight snag with my training for my big birthday trip... I had originally wanted to spend last week running 5 miles per day, all 5 weekdays... but then the storms came. While I enjoy a nice rain (both misting and torrential downpours) while actually out on my runs, I find it so difficult to motivate to leave the house while it is raining.

When the rain comes while on a run, it serves to cool me off after I have already worked up a sweat. If I have to leave the house while it is raining, I go from dry to soaking wet from rain, and I just hate that.

So last week, I managed to run 2 nights in a row. The next night I was rained out. The 4th night of the week I was also rained out, so Ray and I went to watch the basketball game with friends who are on the Superman Walks Project Tommy's Dream Team. Then Friday, it was threatening rain all day, so I skipped my run for a double date with some friends to see The Great Gatsby.

But as the week progressed, I found myself worrying about something else as well.

With the constant threat of storms lately, my migraines have been out of control. But with the really high humidity index, my asthma has been out of control.

While I am happy to say that I haven't really had to use my albuterol, I have noticed a significant impact on my breathing. I've been short of breath for about a week, and have had some sporatic issues of being unable to catch my breath while walking outside. This makes keeping up with my training difficult.

I know that running in the morning will probably help ensure that I get these runs in, but my sleeping patterns have been messed up for years. The current trend is that I go to bed at 12 exhausted and wake at 4am... but then I am so groggy and out of it (from the sleep medication that I didn't fully sleep off), that motivating for a morning run is just not happening.

I feel like a slacker. I feel like a loser. I feel like a failure.

I have goals. And I know I wont be able to meet those goals if I don't buckle down and get the training done.

The good news is, the earnest training for the 6 in 6 challenge doesn't need to start until Monday.

In the meantime, I will keep on with the 30 day squat challenge.

Technically I am on day 15, but I missed a day this weekend so I repeated. I already notice a difference in strength... That first day when I did 50 squats, I thought my muscles were going to explode. Now it takes getting past 100 to feel that way, and I don't start struggling until I hit about 120-125.  Tonight I do 135, so we'll see how that goes.

How long before I am supposed to notice a difference in my body though?


  1. Hey Amy! I was just thinking about how you hadn't blogged in quite a few days. Sorry about all the rain, I love a good run in the rain (and may have one this morning) but my son and running partner can't stand it so we opt for the dreadmill when he's running with me and it rains. No clue about the squats, my knees are giving me trouble so I haven't done any for quite a while.

    1. I can't run a treadmill. my mind just wont let me do it.

  2. I love a good wet run, but my shoes, feet seem to feel otherwise.

    If you find it at all valuable there's a Sunday morning run starting at 6 (great right) at the Hollywood Bandshell on the Broadwalk. It makes for a nice breeze. I went last week for the first time and they seem to be a good group, plus there's breakfast after. I love a good breakfast, that's really my motivation.

    I'm up to Day 10 on the squats. I missed a day but caught up on the rest day. Not sure I notice a body difference, but our chihuahua seems to dig squats.

    And not to tell you how to feel but taking care of your health doesn't make you a slacker.