Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our team needs help

You are going to groan when you realize that this is just another post about my dear friend Thomas Mills at the Superman Walks Project..., their plan to go to Boston or help empower people with special circumstances, or another story about how he and the team have had a positive impact on my life.

This post is different though. This post is about community. This post is about teamwork. This post is about commitment to do something bigger than ourselves. Tom has big plans, but he is only one man. We are all a team, but we are all a small team, and we recognize that we need help.
Last week, Tom was contacted by a young woman in Georgia who has a son. Her son is a very special boy, and he has very special needs. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and wasn't believed to have lived past the age of 5. At 9 years old, he suffers from a series of maladies including not being able to walk, being confined to a wheelchair, needing constant medical assistance, and having a G tube. But he is a special little boy, a real fighter. He is an avid STAR WARS fan (having been inducted into the Georgia Garrison of the 501st legion and trooped with them a bit), and lover of adventure, and a lover of all things comic/action figure related.

The mother of this little boy (who believe it or not, is also named Thomas Mills) is an avid mud runner, and her son has always wanted to go to the obstacle races with her. He recently saw a video of Thomas Mills III on youtube and told his mother that if my friend Tom could do it with one leg pulling another amputee in a wheelchair, maybe little Tommy could do it someday too.
My friend Tom was so moved by this whole story that he found himself asking why not? And so the idea was born that my friend Tom and a team from the Superman Walks Project would take Little Tommy on a mud run on June 29 in South Carolina.

We have run into a few snags though. The slush fund ran out and we anticipate that this trip will cost approximately $7,500.00... that includes the $3,600 needed to charter the bus (traveling together will allow us to properly train all members of the team), entry to the race, and almost all logistical arrangements.

We can easily cut $3,600 off the total cost if we can find someone with a school bus or charter bus company who would be willing to donate their time and their vehicle to us for the weekend. Otherwise, we need 75 people to each donate $100.

Or maybe we need 150 people to donate $50 a piece.

if 300 people each donated $25, we could hit that $7,500 threshold in no time. 

I hate asking for money, so lets not think of it like money. Let's think about it as help.

Superman Walks is a life changing experience. 
I always talk about Thomas's project and Thomas's team... but that's not really true. Yes, SWP is his brain-child... but this is OUR TEAM.

And like any team, we have to work together. This time, we need your help.
Because the reality is, this time, we can't do this without YOU.

For more information please visit the Superman Walks website or follow along at the Superman Walks Facebook Page.

To make a quick donation to Tommy's Fund please use this button:

To join the team for this event, please leave me a message here and I will be in touch with you about the next steps.

To get in touch with Thomas at Superman Walks you can call him at 561-797-0104 or email him using this form.
You all know how much I hate to ask, but how can you get what you really need if you never really ask?

Please help us.


  1. Well here I am presented with an opportunity to affect someone's life for the better. Just like we were talking about in the last blog. I do believe I will avail myself of that opportunity. But in person tomorrow. That way they don't have to sacrifice any money to PayPal. See you at the BBQ!

    1. awesome! thank you so much for helping us out Seth! can't wait to hear about your Germany trip!