Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Loud Shoeslaces...

In preparation for my big week-long running adventure in the Center of the Nation in September, I went out this weekend and bought new running shoes.

If you recall, running shoes have been an issue for me. I've got a really neutral stride, but I tend to burn through the treads on my running shoes fairly quickly. I had worn through the treads on the balls of my feet in my Brooks Ghost 5 shoes that I had been wearing last fall, and desperately needed a replacement after only about 180 miles. I am not sure how experts expect runners to get approx 300-350 miles on a pair of shoes... but whatever...

It is possible that because I was running a lot of longer distances, that the breakdown on the treads and the insoles was accelerated, but still, there is a significant difference between the 300-350 miles I should be expecting and the 180 miles I actually got.... and trust me, I probably should have replaced them at approx 160 miles.

Regardless, in early February, I went to the local running store (which incidentally is becoming less and less uncomfortable over time), and talked to the experts. We all came to the mutual agreement that with my foot issues, and with the way I wear down the treads on my shoes...although I would prefer to be barefoot all the time and although the rest of the running world seems to be going in a minimalist direction, I needed something a bit heavier duty. So we settled into the Brooks Glycerine. Unfortunately, they only come in my width in pink and grey, but beggars can't be choosers.

So up until last week my Glycerine's logged about 113 miles of running on them. the treads are holding up far better than my Ghost 5's were at the same amount of mileage. And yes, before anyone asks me, I *do* keep a really detailed log of my runs, my mileage, the environmental conditions, and my body's responses to the runs...

I have long since been aware that in the great debate of running shoes, seasoned runners suggest having at least 2 pair of shoes to alternate between, particularly if in the rainy season, or if logging a lot of miles daily. According to some, allowing your shoes a day off between runs will not only allow it to air out and dry (if need be), but it will allow some of the bounce to return to the rubber in the footbed. That makes sense to me, and for awhile, I thought that as I entered into the training for my first marathon, I might want a second pair of shoes.

But knowing that I am going to be logging some serious mileage this summer training for 6 halfs in 6 days, knowing my luck, I would wind up destroying my older shoes right before the races and be stuck having to do my birthday trip while still breaking in a fresh pair of shoes. OUCH. That definitely doesn't sound like a good time to me.

Thinking of that sealed the deal. I went out this weekend and bought 2 pair of running shoes. And because they only come in my width in one color... yes, I bought 2 pair of identical shoes, that are identical in model and color to the shoes that I already have. I hear the new model will be out later this summer, and it will be blue instead of pink... but who has time for that? I sure don't.

Instead we resort to different colored shoelaces to tell them apart. What do you think, are the dayglo orange ones loud enough?


  1. FWIW I keep a log of my distance on the shoebox. That way I know when I need to replace. At my current pace I think I'm going to need to replace my shoes in July or August, and I should be good through COTN, but just as sure as I say that I'll wind up needing to replace them the day before.

    1. you may want to consider having 2 pair for the COTN trip. This way it will let the soles recover between significant mileage and you will have something to wear should it rain at all during the trip or during our training.