Thursday, September 5, 2013

and the verdict is in... *sort of*

I had an MRI on Saturday and the followup yesterday where the Dr. showed me some of the problem areas in my foot and ankle. Its not broken. So that's good.

Its not acutely torn, so that's good too.

But everything else is a mess. From their reports:
  1. No evidence of acute fracture, stress fracture, dislocation, bone contusion or significant bone marrow edema of the left ankle or hindfoot, particularly the calcaneus.
  2. There is a small subcortical cyst in the superior aspect the calcaneous just deep to the insertion of the subtalar ligaments
  3. Small ankle joint effusion but disproportioned pooling of fluid  posterior to the tibiotalar and subtalar joint and fluid within the tarsal sinus
  4. Tear of the anterior talofibular ligament, but I suspect that this is of long-standing.
  5. Mild Achilles tendinosis but no evidence of Achilles tendon tear.
  6.  Edematous changes and fluid posterior to the Achilles tendon felt to represent a combination of peritendinitis and retro-Achilles bursitis
  7. Retrocalcaneal bursitis
******** ADDENDUM #1 ********
There is a small amount of fluid within the posterior tibialis tendon sheath. This may indicate mild tenosynovitis, although the posterior tibialis tendon itself is intact.

Ultimately, I am not that kind of almost-doctor, so I really don't know much about what is going on, but this is not necessarily good. I don't need surgery. I don't have any breaks. But it is a soft tissue (with multiple injuries as has been explained to me), so it means it will take time. And rest. But mostly time.

I am looking at 6 weeks in my boot (at least), but thankfully I have been cleared to ride my bike without the boot to allow for some cross training. And I have been cleared to run 3-5 miles twice a week over the next 2 weeks.

But best of all, I have been cleared to run the 6 in 6 series I have been training for. I agreed to wear the boot to and from the races and wear the boot as if it is my full time job for the next 6 weeks, and in exchange I get to run my series.

Obviously I will have the option to slow down to a walk if I need to during this event, but did I mention that I get to at least try to run it?

The Dr. warned that the pain may be excruciating, that I will need to be taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories through the whole trip, and that ice is a must.... but he isn't discounting me altogether.

In the meantime, I may be allowed to run 78.6 miles in 6 days 2 weeks from now... but I also have a handicapped parking pass and have been told to use it. Seems kind of amusing to me.


  1. This is great news! I mean not that you have a bad set of injuries or issues. But that you have great doctors who are working with you and giving you options that allow you to still be out there running and being active the way you like and completing your goals!

    1. I know, right? I am so excited (yet really scared now because my training plan went out the window about a month ago when this all started) to be able to run this event. i'm prepared for the pain. but i dont think i am prepared for the mental aspects of continuing through the pain for that long of a time. how are you feeling these days?

  2. You are braver than me, Amy. I just run through the pain (not terribly bad most of the time) because I'm afraid a doctor would tell me to stop until it quits hurting...which will probably be never. :D

    Glad you get to run your series!

    1. you would actually be surprised at what the dr might suggest for your pain. you shouldnt be in significant pain... people say pain is weakness leaving the body, but be careful following this method. you could hurt yourself even more. if it legitimately hurts you, you need to stop and regroup. get thee to the dr. asap.

  3. Glad you have some answers and a plan. Take care of yourself and be careful with your hydration levels if you're on strong anti-inflammatories while running or walking long distances. Good luck on your races and keep us posted!

    1. thanks. i am so excited and yet so scared at the same time. but i trained hard for this earlier this summer, this should just be a small bump in the road for me having been laid up this past month or so. i'm sure it will be painful but i'll get through it! thanks for your support April.