Monday, July 22, 2013

Its been awhile...

It has been about 3 weeks since I last posted, and I am feeling a little out of sorts trying to get back into it. Since I last wrote, I went to Superhero Scramble in South Carolina with the Superman Walks Project to help little Tommy fulfill his life dream (which I plan to write a separate blog post about), I have spent some time with some amazing new friends, but I've also been very ill.

As in, in-the-hospital-for-9-days ill.

Thankfully, I am a million times better now than I was when I was admitted to the hospital. According to the doctors, I'm OK to be running again... and that's just what I'm doing.

There are about a hundred things that I have on my to-do list because they didn't get done while I was gone. But running takes precedence this week. And I am OK with that.

And you know who else is OK with that? Donnie, that's who.

Who wouldn't fall in love with this smile?
Before I went to the hospital, I found a really interesting website that partners runners with people with special needs who are physically unable to run for themselves. I was intrigued by the idea that I could be matched with a child with a disability, and that through this special relationship, I could help them feel even more cared-for and loved than before, and in exchange I could have that little extra push of motivation to get out the door. I knew this partnership could help give my running a little more purpose.

Well, it took a little while, but I was partnered early last week with a little boy named Donnie. Donnie and his twin sister (Emma) were born 2 month premature. Donnie was 3lbs 7oz, while his sister was 4lbs even. Both children were born with Down Syndrome and very mild heart defects. When he was 3 years old, Donnie was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia and began chemotherapy. Around the same time he was also diagnosed with asthma, sleep apnea (mile to moderate), and liquid aspiration. This past May, he finished his chemo and his mediport was removed as he is now in remission. Now 7 years old, although Donnie is still symptomatic with the other diagnoses, he is constantly on the move, and he give's his mother Paula a run for her money.

I am very excited to have a new running buddy in Donnie, and will do my best to not let him down! I think my husband might get jealous though... I am in love with another guy's smile.

For more info on Who I Run For: Please visit their website, or link up with them at the I run 4 michael Facebook page.

To be matched as a runner or the match your child with a runner, please participate in the WhoIRun4 online matching process.


  1. This is awesome Amy! (Not the you in the hospital for 9 days part of course). Donnie is lucky to have you and I am sure you feel lucky to have him. This WhoIRun4 program rocks!

    1. Thank you Paula! I am really excited about partnering up with Donnie and you are right. I am SO incredibly LUCKY to have him on my team. So far since partnering with him, I have logged 23 miles for him. And I am looking forward to many more!

  2. This is just so cool. I love the idea of a running buddy, someone you run for! Inspiring, Amy! I hope you are all well more hospitals for you!

    1. Karen- I did too. which was why I was just so excited about being matched. and yes, doing really well now... no more sickies...